Students and teachers of Prospect Sierra school
Gourmet Pizza and Panini
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Mediterraneo Pizza
was recently selected by
the Prospect Sierra school from among twenty
similar businesses as  the one with  the most
environmentally succinct outlook and was
Carrotmobbed by the school staff, students and
friends in order to support our green plan for the

We used the proceds of the business to upgrade
our refrigeration equipment and purchase green
packaging products. The reaiinder of the funds
from theCarrottmob were donated to the
Schools Initiative

The impact of the Carrotmob experience did not
only help our business to meet it's Green goals
but carried over to the Public Market at large.
where it sparked a new composting program for
the entire food court.
Mobbed by the school
Our company is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner by being conscious and responsible in
the use of energy, resources and management of waste.

To that effect Mediterraneo utilizes energy efficient equipment for cooking and refrigeration,low- flow controls for
reduced water usage, green cleaning products and compostable packagin
Drumming up business outside the public market